Status Ailments

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Status Ailments are negative afflictions that can affect both Valkyries and enemies. They are a very important aspect of battle and many damage enhancements and QTEs require them.

Name Explanation
Time Slow Not to be confused with Time Fracture. Time Slow requires that an enemy be slowed down as if in slow motion. Because some enemies are immune to Time Slow, Time Fracture can still take place, but an enemy may not slow down. Time Slowed enemies will have all positive and negative effects extended as well.
Time Lock Time Lock is a localized type of Time Slow. It only affects a single enemy (though many enemies can be Time Locked at once) and enemies that are Time Locked are considered Time Slowed as well. Time Locked enemies will float if possible, and much like Time Fracture and Time Slow, will extend all positive and negative effects. Very few enemies are immune to Time Lock.
Float Ailment.jpg
Floating enemies will typically be shown as helplessly knocked into the air. Most enemies have a obvious animation to indicate that they are "floating." Some very large enemies, however, may not float traditionally. Enemies that do not float under normal circumstances can still be considered "floating" for QTE purposes if their Elite Shield or Boss Shields are broken before receiving an attack that would normally knock them into the air.
Impair Impaired enemies will have their DEF reduced. It is usually marked by several yellow arrows shooting downward around the impaired enemy. Impairment is not a flat damage increase multiplier. Impairment is more effective on enemies with higher DEF than ones without any DEF.
Weaken Weakened enemies will have their ATK reduced. This is usually marked by several violet arrows shooting downward around the weakened enemy. Weakness, much like impairment, is more effective on stronger enemies than weaker ones.
Bleed Bleeding enemies will periodically take damage over time. It is usually marked by a small damage effect that can look as if an enemy is bleeding, but can vary depending on the source of bleed. Bleed damage is usually very weak, but many Valkyries and stigmata can deal enhanced damage to bleeding enemies.
Stun Stunned enemies will appear limp and stop all actions for an amount of time. Enemies cannot be stunned midair. If an enemy is stunned midair, they will continue whatever action they're doing until they reach the ground, where the stun effect will finally take place. Be wary of this as you will still need to dodge airborne attacks before stun applies. Stun can be "overwritten" by freeze and paralysis.
Frozen Ailment.jpg
Frozen enemies will be turned to ice and be stopped completely in the position they're currently in, even midair. Some types of freeze effects may not always look the same, such as Chiyou Cannon which locks enemies in a formation of ice. Paralysis and freeze effects cannot exist at the same time.
Paralysis Ailment.jpg
Paralyzed enemies will have an electrical animation around them and will appear as though they've been knocked back or "hurt." This can sometimes also happen midair. Paralysis and freeze effects cannot exist at the same time.
Ignite Ailment.jpg
Ignited enemies will appear as though they're on fire. They will take periodic fire damage much like bleeding. Though it may seem contradictory, frozen enemies can be ignited and vice versa.