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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Sublime Spring Version Update

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Feb 13, 2020 ~ Apr 02, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

The ageless true Celestial Phoenix who resided in the Taixuan Mountain now exist solely for a mission entrusted by her friend. Fu Hua's S-rank PSY battlesuit [Azure Empyrea] makes a grand debut!To track down the Nian Beast, the Celestial and Book of Fuxi visits the ancient Shenzhou village of Xanadu for traces. Spring event [Empyrean Legends] available!

New Content[edit | edit source]

New battlesuit: Azure Empyrea[edit | edit source]

  • Fu Hua's S-rank battlesuit [Azure Empyrea]: A PSY battlesuit with versatile moves triggered by different ATK combinations who can increase the team's Elemental DMG immensely and offer powerful crowd control with her Ultimate.
  • [Azure Empyrea] Expansion Supply will be available between 12:00, FEB 14 and 12:00, MAR 6. Expansion Equipment Supply that offers recommended equipment will also be available concurrently.

Spring event: Empyrean Legends[edit | edit source]

  • To track down the Nian beast, the Celestial and Book of Fuxi visit the ancient Shenzhou village of Xanadu for traces. What secrets do the intriguing characters that they encounter harbor?
  • Play spring event [Empyrean Legends] to earn Darkbolt Jonin's Qipao outfit [Peach Sanctuary], stigma [Seele: Doubled Bliss (T)], Honkai Shard and more!

ELF: Book of Fuxi[edit | edit source]

  • S-rank ELF [Book of Fuxi]: Buffs team Elemental DMG. Ultimate immobilizes enemies and deals Fire DMG.
  • ELF [Book of Fuxi] Supply will be available between 12:00, FEB 14 and 12:00, MAR 6. A drop costs [ELF Supply Card] x1 and ELF [Book of Fuxi] is guaranteed in 100 drops!

Additions to the Hyperion arsenals[edit | edit source]

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

Battlesuits[edit | edit source]

The following data are at max skill level:
Darkbolt Jonin

  • Extended the duration of Darkbolt Mark to 30s.
  • Skill [Biting Ember]: Extended the duration of Total DMG Multiplier applied by [Darkbolt Pursuit] to 30s.
  • When Basic ATKs hit, the Zakti recovered by the 3rd and 4th sequences is increased to 60 and 70 respectively.
  • The Zakti recovered by [Jonin Finisher] on hit is increased to 60.
  • Skill [Raksha's Rage]: The DMG Multipliers of the 1st (Demon Fox) and 2nd (Samsara of Death) sequences are increased to 600% and 7x120%+7x180% ATK of AOE Lightning DMG respectively.
  • Skill [Naraka Finisher]: Extra SP recovered on hit is increased to 1.4.
  • Skill [Darkbolt Pursuit]: Increased the range of casted kunai.
  • Fixed the glitched texture of her default weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where her turning is too slow or stutters on the Bridge and Co-op Prep screen.
  • Fixed an issue where her weapon disappeared when changing equipment.

Molotov Cherry

  • When [Blueberry Blitz] is in the team, the Spice accrued by the 3rd and 4th sequence of her Basic ATKs (excluding Joint) is reduced by 5% and 10% respectively.

Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz

  • Fixed an issue where tapping the weapon skill button after taking a hit made her use Basic ATKs instead of weapon skills.

Vermilion Knight

  • When her battlesuit rank reaches SSS, her [ATK Growth] stat is increased to 5.
  • The DMG dealt by the 1st sequence of her QTE [Solar Impact] is increased to 700% ATK of Fire DMG.

Sixth Serenade

  • Optimized her facial expression when unleashing Ultimate.

Stygian Nymph

  • Adjusted the timing of combat HUD reappearing when using Ultimate as Veliona to switch into Saule. Buttons now reappear after energy consumption upon Ultimate usage.
  • Fixed her glitched model on the Co-op results screen.

Swallowtail Phantasm

  • Fixed the misplaced butterfly accessories of outfit [Papilio Lily] during movement.

All Battlesuits

  • Adjusted the number of tags for battlesuits. Now only the primary tags which are no more than 3 for each battlesuit are displayed.
  • Optimized the sorting and filtering screen of battlesuits. Added new sorting options.
  • Added 6 tags: [Weaken], [Impair], [Aerial], [Slow], [Time] and [Pull].

Stages[edit | edit source]

Dirac Sea

  • Added a new enemy type [Lightning Patrol] that has 50% Lightning Resistance. The type comprises [Lightning Patrol - Tornado], [Lightning Patrol - Roaring Nimbus], [Lightning Patrol - Polar Halo], [Lightning Patrol - Eye of the Storm].
  • Added a new enemy type [Flame Patrol] that has 50% Fire Resistance and receives 25% bonus Ice DMG. The type comprises [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots], [Flame Patrol - Supernova].
  • Added new weather [Chaos]: Amplifies type-countering by 20%, limits enemy types to PSY and BIO, changes the 4th floor boss to [Assaka].
  • Added new weather [Evernight]: Amplifies type-countering by 20%, limits enemy types to MECH and BIO, changes the 4th floor bosses to [Death Web] and [Flame Patrol - Supernova].
  • Added new weather [Tundra]: Enemies have 50% Ice Resistance but receive 30% bonus Fire DMG in this weather. Changes the 4th floor boss to [Argent Knight].
  • Added new weather [Shiden]: Enemies have 50% Lightning Resistance but receive 30% bonus Physical DMG in this weather. Changes the 4th floor boss to [Jizo Mitama].
  • Added new weather [Red Mist]: Enemies have 50% Physical Resistance but receive 30% bonus Lightning DMG in this weather. Changes the 4th floor boss to [Parvati].
  • Fixed an issue where the high DEF of some enemies rendered DMG Reduction dysfunctional (including Storm EM, Frozen Hammerer, Nocturnal, Thor Titan, Frost Cavalier, Frost Emperor).
  • Greatly reduced the appearance rate of Ice enemies in weathers other than [Cold].
  • Replaced the boss duo of [Rime Titan] and [Eldjotnar] on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors with [Rime Titan] and [Flame Patrol - Supernova].
  • Replaced the boss duo of [Eldjotnar] and [Hellfire Mecha] on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors with [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots] and [Flame Patrol - Supernova].
  • Replaced the boss [Benares] in [Dry] weather with [Death Web] and [Flame Patrol - Supernova].
  • Replaced the boss [RPC-6626] in [Wet] weather with [Flame Patrol - Supernova] and [Aesir Baldr].
  • Replaced the boss [RPC-6626] in [Darkmoon] weather with [Rime Titan], [Flame Patrol - Supernova] and [Aesir Baldr].
  • Aligned the powers of the boss [Herrscher of the Void] in [Fog] and [Saturnine] weathers with the boss [Herrscher of the Void] in Memorial Arena.
  • Aligned the powers of the boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in [Storms] and [Eclipse] weathers with the boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in Memorial Arena. Reduced the shield HP of boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in Dirac Sea.
  • Reduced the HP of [Subzero Cavalier].


  • Reduced the Ice Resistance of boss [Benares].
  • Aligned the powers of the boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] with the boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in Memorial Arena. Reduced the shield HP of boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in Dirac Sea.
  • Added a new boss duo of [Lava Emperor] and [Frost Emperor]. [Frost Emperor] only appears after [Lava Emperor] has been defeated.
  • Added a new boss duo of [Rime Titan] + [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots] (Soul Linked), [Hierophant] + [Shadow Dancer] + [Jo-Ninja] (Soul Linked). [Hierophant] + [Shadow Dancer] + [Jo-Ninja] only appear after [Rime Titan] and [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots] have been defeated.
  • Added new bosses [Parvati] and [Tonatiuh].
  • Added new enemy [Death Web] on standard floors.
  • Adjusted the enemy placement on the 16th and 19th floors. Now the16th floor is occupied by [Soul Link] enemies and the 19th floor is occupied by [Elite Mobs] enemies. Reduced the HP of enemies on the 19th floor.
  • Removed Konungr, Frost Emperor and Lava Emperor from [Soul Link] and [Elite Mobs] enemy groups.
  • Extended the duration of Abyss skill effects to 12s.

Memorial Arena: Exalted

  • Added Kallen, Hellmaru, HOMU Emperor and Tonatiuh as bosses.

Drift World

  • The drops of Simple stages have been adjusted to Gold Pin x6 and Advanced Skill Material x1~2.
  • The drops of Hard 1 stages have been adjusted to Gold Pin x10 and Advanced Skill Material x2~3.
  • Adjusted the reset requirements of stages that drop Advanced Skill Materials. Captains can now use [Planeroid] x6 to reset stage attempts.
  • Closed the stages that drop GP Talengems and Basic Talengems.

Open World: Sakura Samsara

  • Optimized ambient brightness when assassinating from behind and discovering hidden events.

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • PRI-ARMs [Ruinous Sakura] and [Tranquil Rhapsody] can now be forged.
  • [Tranquil Rhapsody] can be reversed once in v3.7 only. A reversion returns the base weapon (5★ Lv.50 pistols) used to forge [Tranquil Rhapsody] and other materials (excluding Coins) used to forge, upgrade and level-up [Tranquil Rhapsody].
  • Fu Hua: Knight (M), Picasso (B) and Zhangheng (M) can now be crafted with SS Imaginons. Picasso (B) Fragments and Zhangheng (M) Fragments can still be used to craft corresponding stigmata in v3.7.
    • Attention: After the version update, salvaging [Fu Hua: Knight (M)] returns 1000 Normal Crystal Cores.
  • Picasso (B) and Zhangheng (M) cannot be crafted with their fragments after the v3.8 update.
    • Every Picasso (B) Fragment returns SS Imaginon x1.2 (the sum is rounded up to nearest whole number) and every Zhangheng (M) Fragment returns SS Imaginon x1.
    • New Semester Picasso Fragment Chest and Summer Military Box will no longer be available in Asterite Shop.

Enemies[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed an issue where her model clipped with other enemies.

Aesir Baldr & Hephaestus

  • Shortened the min moving distance of their thrusting skills.

Activities[edit | edit source]

Open World

  • Aligned the Adventure Level in Sakura Samsara and Schicksal HQ. The initial level is the higher of the two.
  • Streamlined the process of obtaining Adventure EXP. Now Adventure EXP is rewarded upon the completion of an Adventure Task.
  • Urgent Missions are replaced by [Familiar's Requests] that are triggered by the leveling up of Open World Familiars (Higokumaru and Ai-chan).
    • Familiar's Requests share the same numbers, contents, difficulties and rewards with Urgent Missions.
  • Adjusted how cycle finalization rewards are calculated. [Weekly Rating] and [Task Finalization] rewards have been merged into [Weekly Finalization] rewards that are issued on every Monday.
    • [Task Rating] rewards are replaced by [Round Finalization] rewards that are issued after every task round ends.
  • Closed the task rating system in Schicksal HQ. [Round Finalization] rewards are no longer affected by task ratings.
  • Adjusted the rewards of [Round Finalization]. Gyakushinn Miko Soul and Luna Kindred Soul are now replaced by Battlesuit Soul Option that allows Captains to choose from Ritual Imayoh Soul, Sündenjäger Soul, Arctic Kriegsmesser Soul, Luna Kindred Soul or Gyakushinn Miko Soul.
  • Exorcism tasks that rewarded [Enigmanon: Parts] now reward [Blood Embrace Parts] instead.
  • Optimized how Familiars gain EXP. Familiars auto-gain EXP upon every round finalization.

Co-op (Excluding Ashura Raids)

  • Adjusted the difficulty of Co-op stages. Difficulties are now decided by Captain Level so Captains no longer need to select the difficulty.
  • Adjusted the rules of Co-op stage progress reset. Now Co-op stage progress resets every Friday for free.
  • Adjusted the mission completion rewards and stage drops of Co-op activities to match their difficulties and costs.
  • Added a new [Balance Mode] that grants greater stats buffs and DMG bonuses but is limited to certain stages.
  • Closed [Time Base] Co-op stages temporarily.
  • Removed Weekly missions that required clearing an entire Co-op Raid once to complete.

Flashpoint Action

  • Captains now receive bonus rewards when completing stages on Supreme difficulty for the first time. The bonus rewards are temporarily available along with Flashpoint Action in v3.7 and become permanently available in v3.8. Captains who have not completed the stages in v3.7 can still obtain the bonus rewards in future versions.
  • Increased the overall difficulty of stages.

Story Stages & Expeditions

  • The limited-time event of Story Chapter XIV has ended. Captains now receive more [RSC Cache Type-II] and no event EXP when playing Story Chapter XIV stages.

Extraction[edit | edit source]

The v3.6 event of extracting weapons [Ranger's Cross] and [Devourer] has ended and the weapon extraction pods have expired.

Divine Keys[edit | edit source]

  • Added the feature to extend the duration of Gene Limit activation by spending more Harmony Strands.
  • Closed the Gene Limit reset feature. Captains can switch between any boosting skill of the same Divine Key during Gene Limit activation.
  • Adjusted the material types and quantities required to upgrade Divine Keys (the total costs remain unchanged).

Battle Pass[edit | edit source]

New BP season [Hour of Judgment] becomes available on FEB 17.

[Elite Works] Updates

  • [Weapon] Oath of Judah (exclusive to v3.7), Tranquil Arias (exclusive to v3.7), Keys of the Void, Hand of Tyr, Cinder Hawk
  • [Stigma] Honkai Queen set: Sirin: Ascendant (T, M, B), Transcend Renaissance set: Shakespeare (T, M, B)
  • [Material] The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset
    • Captains can also purchase the equipment of the last version in Elite Works (excluding equipment exclusive to v3.6).
    • Captains receive additional [Mind Stone] x10 when unlocking Paladin BP in a new season.

Shop[edit | edit source]

War Treasury

  • Captains can purchase [Shadow Knight Fragments] with [Ancient Willpowers] in v3.7 temporarily.
    • Each [Shadow Knight Fragment] costs [Ancient Willpower] x14 and can be purchased 12 times per week.
    • [Shadow Knight Fragments] will no longer be purchasable in War Treasury after the v3.8 update.

Asterite Shop

  • Increased the monthly purchase limit of Mind Stones to 80.
  • Increased the daily purchase limit of Advance Skill Materials to 99.
  • Added an option of purchasing [Picasso (B) Fragment] x5 with SS Imaginon x6 in v3.7 only.
  • Added an option of purchasing [Zhangheng (M) Fragment] x5 with AE Imaginon x5 in v3.7 only.
  • Added an option of purchasing [Battlesuit Soul Option] x3 with [Aesir Core]/[Red Magatama] x1 plus Asterite x600 in v3.7 only.

Armada Terminal

  • Replaced the purchasable [Mysterion: Jingwei's Wings] and [Oneiron: Blood Embrace] with [Jingwei's Wings Parts] and [Blood Embrace Parts].

Co-op Shop

  • Adjusted the price of [Time Seal Box] x1 to [United Token] x140. The purchase limit remains unchanged.
  • Added an option of purchasing [Mind Stone] with [Spirit Jade]. Max 4 purchases monthly.
  • Added an option of purchasing [Harmony Strand] with Mithril. Max 20 purchases daily.
  • Added an option of purchasing [United Token] with [Soulium]. Max 20 purchases daily.

Witch's Corridor

  • Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with [Knight Moonbeam Fragment], [Argent Knight Fragment] and [Phoenix Fragment] (purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs]).
  • Removed the Asterite purchase option that was temporarily available in v3.7.

BP Stores

  • Added the option to purchase [Mind Stones].
  • Adjusted the contents of [ELF Gacha] and reduced its price to [Honor Chip] x50.

Task Shop

  • Removed the option of purchasing [Time Swirl Pass] with [Time Structure].

System[edit | edit source]

Material Adjustments[edit | edit source]

A number of materials are estimated to be streamlined in v3.7 and v3.8. Obsolete materials return replacement materials upon expiration.

After materials have been streamlined, the ways of obtaining and spending relevant materials as well as the contents of bundles and Supplies that offer relevant materials will also be adjusted accordingly.


  • The skill and talent systems of ELF have been merged into the new skill tree system. New ELF skills are boosted by spending Advanced Skill Materials, Coins and Mind Stones.
  • ELFs are no longer limited by level caps when leveling up. ELFs can now be leveled up directly to the current max level with sufficient materials.

Affix Refinement

  • Adjusted the materials required to reroll affixes. Now rerolling affixes only costs Normal Crystal Cores (every Rare Crystal Core returns Normal Crystal Core x3).
  • Added the [Reroll Again] feature. Tap to reroll affixes again.
  • Added the [Skip Animation] feature. Tap to skip the rerolling animation.


  • Crafting Dorm furniture now consumes Honkai Blocks instead of Furni-Bitz (every Furni-Bitz returns 10 Coins).
  • Added an option of purchasing Honkai Blocks x40 with 300 Furni-Bitz in v3.7 only. 50 purchases only.


  • Adjusted the applicable range of [Boosters] (formerly [Open World Boosters]). [Boosters] can now be used in all Open World Exorcism tasks and Weekday Event stages, Co-op stages excluded.
  • Weapons dropped in BEFALL stages can now be upgraded with common upgrade materials.
  • Added a Divine Key switch in Memorial Arena and Abyss activities to quick access the Divine Key system.
  • Optimized the display of materials return results.

Dorm[edit | edit source]

  • Added the feature to refresh the Errand list. The daily refresh limit increases along with Dorm Squad Level.
  • Optimized the collection prompts for Dorm Bonuses and Dorm Squad boosting rewards. Now the collection prompts for Stamina and Coins bonuses are displayed separately.
  • Optimized the visuals and layout of Dorm main screen.

Armada[edit | edit source]


  • The battlesuit souls of Ritual Imayoh, Gyakushinn Miko, Wolf's Dawn, Sündenjäger, Arctic Kriegsmesser and Luna Kindred can now be requested.


  • Added Commissions that require submitting [Nanoceramic] to complete. Captains of Lv.81 or higher may encounter them when submitting the 4th or 8th Commission of the day.
    • [Nanoceramic] Commissions only slightly reduces the appearance rate of [Twin Sakura Will] Commissions. The appearance rates of other types of Commissions are not affected.

Bridge[edit | edit source]

Added the interactions and VO of Yae Sakura's [Darkbolt Jonin] battlesuit.

Supply[edit | edit source]

  • [Dorm Equipment Supply] is now permanent. Weapon [Keys of the Void] as well as full stigmata sets including [Sirin: Ascendant], [Jin Shengtan], [Gustav Klimt] and [Monet] have joined [Dorm Equipment Supply].
  • The battlesuits and battlesuit souls of [Herrscher of the Void], [Arctic Kriegsmesser] and [Luna Kindred] have joined [Dorm Supply].
  • [Standard Equipment Supply] has been closed. Every Standard Equipment Supply Card (or Crystals of equivalent worth) spent in v3.5~3.6 returns 80 Crystals that will be issued by mail before FEB 28.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where receiving offline invitation messages upon login might trigger error messages.
  • Fixed an issue where fighting as Vermilion Knight might trigger error messages.
  • Fixed an issue where Dorm Equipment Supply Album refreshed improperly with an unstable connection.