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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Summer Comeback
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Jul 15, 2019 ~ Sep 26, 2019
Notable Rewards
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Focused Supply Card (Icon).png
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Swallowtail Phantasm Fragment (Icon).png
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Time Swirl Pass (Icon).png
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AE Imaginon (Icon).png
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All Captains can take part in the event for Focused Supply Card, Swallowtail Phantasm fragment, Time Swirl Pass, AE Imaginon and other rewards. Returnees can reap even more rewards through Returnee's Supply~ Welcome back and let's keep on fighting!

Returnee Bonus 1: Returnee's SupplyEdit

Duration: Jul 18, 12:00 ~ Jul 27, 12:00

  • This supply is only available to returnees.
  • Returnee's Supply will be unlocked for all returning Captains.
    • Returnees can claim lots of Returnee's Supply Cards through the daily log-in event.
    • There's a collection of returnee events that rewards Swallowtail Phantasm fragment & even more Returnee's Supply Cards.
  • The number of Returnee's Supply pools depends on how many days the returnee has been away for before returning.
    • Away for under 30 days: 1 Supply pool offering Focused Supply Card, Ancient Willpower, S-rank Bounty Mark, etc.
    • Away for under 150 days: 2 Supply pools offering extra Blueberry Blitz Card, Trinity Crystals Shard, SS Imaginon, etc.
    • Away for over 150 days: 3 Supply pools offering extra Trinity Crystal Shard, Asterite, Ancient Willpower, etc.
  • When the event starts, all returning Captains will retain their returnee status for 30 days.
    • Only 2 events will be available on the Returnee page: Returnee Missions & Returnee's Supply. So take your time to drain the Returnee's Supply pools~
  • Returnee's Supply will close 30 days after the returning.

Returnee Bonus 2: Reunion ShopEdit

Duration: Jul 18, 12:00 ~ Sep 26, 12:00

  • Captains must be Lv.15 or higher to participate.
  • Play co-op stages including Bounty Mark, Team Co-op, Weekday Co-op, Team Raid to claim Friendship Shells  .
  • Friendship Shells can be exchanged in Reunion Shop for Focused Supply Card, Swallowtail Phantasm fragment, Time Swirl Pass, etc.
  • A total of 100 Friendship Shells can be obtained each week. The quota refreshes on Mondays.
  • On Sep 26, 12:00, Reunion Shop will close and Friendship Shells will expire. Try to make good use of these shiny shells, Captains!
Summer Shop - July 15, 2019 ~ September 28, 2019
Captains Lv.15 or above
  x 32   x 40   x 3   x 2   x 4   x 10   x 5
1 per event 10 per event 20 per event

Returnee Bonus 3: Returnee Pack for SharingEdit

Duration: Jul 18, 12:00 ~ Oct 27, 12:00

  • Captains must be Lv.30 or higher to participate.
  • Returnee's Supply offers Returnee Pack, which grants one of the following: Coins, Asterite, Mithril, or Ancient Willpower.
    • Returnees of Lv. 20 or higher can share their Returnee Packs in the World or Armada chat.
    • If the Returnee Pack is fully shared, the sharing returnee will receive extra rewards~
  • Captains can claim Returnee Packs shared by returnees in chat for random rewards.