Summertime Puzzle

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Summertime Puzzle
Yae Sakura - Hot Summer (B).png
Jul 09, 2018 ~ Jul 23, 2018
Notable Rewards
Frame (Blue).png
Yae Sakura - Hot Summer (B) (Icon).png
3star (Upgradable).png
Stigmata Bottom.png

Summertime Puzzle (Banner).png

Synopsis[edit source]

In the heat of summer, the reward that Ai-chan has prepared for you has been turned into a puzzle! Complete the missions and take the ★4 stigma: Yae Sakura: Hot Summer (B) back home with you =w=

Details[edit | edit source]

During the event period, unlock puzzle pieces with each specified mission you complete:

Daily Missions
Objective Reward
Log in.
Frame (Blue).png
Ether Crystal (Icon).png
Clear any Lost Maiden event stage 2 times.
Frame (Blue).png
Coins (Icon).png
Receive the 100 duty points reward.
Frame (Purple).png
Super PSY-Chip (Icon).png

Final Objective:

You must be Captain Lv.15 or above to participate in this event.