Sweet Encounter

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Sweet Encounter
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Jan 23, 2019 ~ Feb 13, 2019
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

As the Queen of Honkai returns, the horn of war resounds through the night sky.

Captain, to cope with the Queen's return, HQ will give you an extra bonus of 1,000 Crystals for free for inviting friends! We here declare Assembly Day!

Details[edit | edit source]

Sweet Encounter (Background).png

Invite friends during the event period. Assemble and fight together for all that is beautiful! When invited friends reach Captain Lv.20 during the event period, you will be rewarded with loads of Crystals:

  • Invited Captains must be Lv.20 to count for these rewards.
Number of Invited Friends Rewards
1 300 Crystals
3 300 Crystals
5 400 Crystals
  • Inviting Captains must be Lv.15 or higher to participate.
  • Original invite rewards will not be reset. Captain can get an extra bonus of 1,000 Crystals by participating in the event.
  • Only Captains below Lv.15 can be invited.
  • Rewards from this event will be directly mailed to you.
  • Invitation event is not available for guest accounts.
    • This means invited captains must have their accounts connected to another login such as Facebook.