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EP cost[edit source]

EP costs vary even for the same skill. Unfortunately I have to remove all the data on EP costs.

I am copying the current version here for archiving.

Elite Skills
Elite Conductive (Icon).png
Elite Skill: Conductive Cost: 12 EP
Successful ultimate evasions unleash a lightning nova that paralyzes nearby enemies for 1/1.2 sec, dealing damage equal to 0.6/1.2 attack
Elite Power (Icon).png
Elite Skill: Power Cost:
Increases damage done by 8.0% and additionally increases damage done to shields by 5.0%
Elite Quickness (Icon).png
Elite Skill: Quickness Cost:
Increases movement speed by 6% and attack speed
by 5%
Elite Revenge (Icon).png
Elite Skill: Revenge Cost:
Killing an enemy increases your damage done by 20% for 10
Schicksal Gear
Schicksal ArmorEX (Icon).png
Schicksal Gear: Armor Supply EX Cost: 16 EP
Decreases damage taken by 38.00% for 30 sec when entering battle for the first time
Schicksal EnergyEX (Icon).png
Schicksal Gear: Energy Supply EX Cost: 16 EP
Consuming more than 10 SP at a time increases your damage done by 25.00% for 10 sec
Schicksal Gear: HP Supply EX Cost: 14 EP
Anti-Entropy Gear
Anti-Entropy BlackArmor (Icon).png
Anti-Entropy Tech: Black Tech Armor Cost:
Taking damage increases your damage done by 8.0% and decreases damage taken by 7.2% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 10 times
Anti-Entropy DelicateParts (Icon).png
Anti-Entropy Tech: Delicate Parts Cost: 10 EP
When you have type advantage, you deal 15.0% increased damage.          
Ancient Stone Tablets
Tablet FuxiFire (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Fuxi - Fire Cost: 14 EP
Your attacks now have a 3% chance to ignite enemies within a large radius, dealing 7.5% damage every sec for 5 sec
Tablet NuwaMoon (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Nuwa - Moon Cost:
Killing an enemy grants you invincibility for 1.6
Tablet NuwaStars (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Nuwa - Stars Cost: 15 EP
Killing an enemy freezes all enemies for 3.5
Tablet NuwaSun (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Nuwa - Sun Cost: 18 EP
Killing an enemy stuns enemies nearby for 2.0 sec, dealing 100.0% damage
Tablet ShennongGrass (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Shennong - Grass Cost: 16/18 EP
Picking up HP and Energy bags additionally recovers 12%/24% HP and SP
Tablet XuanShield (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Xuanyuan - Shield Cost:
1.5%/2.0% chance to block incoming attacks, triggering Time Fracture and Iron Body for 2.0/2.5 sec

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