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Talk:Shop/Logistics Terminal

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Instead of creating a huge block of items we could separate it in 5 different parts:

  • 1)The ones in rotation(Weapons, Stigs, Fragments, etc)
  • 2)The ones unlocked by default that are always there(Moon Shards, Ether Shards, Promoted Learning Chips, etc)
  • 3)Unlocked after Lv.10 and always there(Twin Moon Shards, Twin Ocean Shards, etc)
  • 4)Unlocked after Lv.30 and always there(Moon Wills, Twin Ether Shards, Advanced Creature Chips, etc)
  • 5)Unlocked after Lv.50 and always there(Twin Moon Wills, Twin Ether Crystals, Super Bio-Chips, etc)

Diazul (talk) 05:45, 6 March 2019 (UTC)