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{{Valkyrie Skill Breakdown
| shared = Shared Valkyrie
| skillName = Blood Wrath
| skillEffect = '''Activates burst mode: Blood Wrath. Continuously consumes HP with time. To cancel: press the Ultimate button again or switch characters.'''<br>
'''Vehement Flame:''' Tap the [ATK] button to unleash Charged Burst ATK.<br>
'''1st Sequence:''' 340% Physical + 310% Fire DMG;<br>
'''2nd Sequence:''' 260% Physical + 240% Fire DMG;<br>
'''1st Sequence:''' 300% Physical + 250% Fire DMG;<br>
'''1st Sequence:''' (2x100%+380%+50%) Physical + (2x180%+320%+50%) Fire DMG<br>
'''Cost:''' 30 SP to activate. Deals 200% ATK of AOE Fire DMG and ignites enemies for 6s.
'''Blood Philter:''' Receive 40% Total DMG Reduction and immunity to stun, paralyze, and freeze.
| skillImage = Himeko Passive Skill
| part1 = Blood Boost
| part1effect = Increases Attack Speed by <span class="increase">X%</span> and Move Speed by <span class="increase">X%</span> when Blood Wrath is active.
| part1unlock = 6
| part2 = Blood Rondeau
| part2effect = During Blood Wrath, tap the [ATK] button during Windmill Cleave to increase the number of strikes up to <span class="increase">X</span> times. Each Windmill Cleave strike also deals an increased <span class="increase">X%</span> ATK of Physical and Fire DMG.
| part2shared = yes
| part3 = Blood Curse
| part3effect = When Blood Wrath is active and HP is below 50%, gain <span class="increase">X%</span> Crit Rate and <span class="increase">X%</span> Fire DMG.
| part3unlock = SS
| part3augment = yes

Template:Valkyrie Skill Breakdown