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Empty (Icon).png
Price {{{3}}}


  • name - Unnamed parameter 1. The name of the bundle.
    • Doesn't have to include Bundle in the name.
  • items - Unnamed parameter 2. The items contained in the bundle. Please use Template:Item here.
  • price - Unnamed parameter 3. The price of the bundle. Will display verbatim.
  • discount - The amount discounted. Simply the percentage is required such as 20%
  • image - The image associated with the bundle. Defaults to File:Empty (Icon).png if none is specified.
    • Only the image name is required. The template fills the name into [[File:<image> (Bundle).png]] since all bundle images will share the (Bundle) filename convention.


| Gemina Prayer Slip Bundle
| {{Item|Gemina Prayer Slip|rarity=4|quantity=1}}
| {{B-Chip}} x 60
| discount = 20%
| image = Gemina Prayer Slip
Gemina Prayer Slip Bundle
Gemina Prayer Slip (Bundle).png
Frame (Purple).png
Gemina Prayer Slip (Icon).png
Price B-Chip (Small).png x 60 [20% OFF]