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Themed Abyss - Gluttony

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Themed Abyss - Gluttony
Abyss - Gluttony (Stage).png
Jun 29, 2018 ~ Jul 15, 2018
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

Introducing a new theme with new gameplay! The Gluttony Abyss welcomes Captains for a new challenge! -w- Also, ★4 stigma Theresa - Gluttony has been added to the Abyss Shop!

Opening Times[edit | edit source]

Themed Abyss - Gluttony will be opening for the first time on June 29th, 15:00. Afterwards, it will be on rotation with regular Abyss as follows:

  • June 29th (Friday) 15:00 ~ July 1st (Sunday) 22:00 - Abyss - Gluttony
  • July 3rd (Tuesday) 15:00 ~ July 5th (Thursday) 22:00 - Infinity Abyss
  • July 6th (Friday) 15:00 ~ July 8th (Sunday) 22:00 - Infinity Abyss
  • July 10th (Tuesday) 15:00 ~ July 12th (Thursday) 22:00 - Infinity Abyss
  • July 13th (Friday) 15:00 ~ July 15th (Sunday) 22:00 - Abyss - Gluttony
  • July 17th (Tuesday) 15:00 ~ July 19th (Thursday) 22:00 - Infinity Abyss

...and will continue on this trend until the foreseeable future.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • In the Gluttony Abyss, Captains can acquire the new Gluttony Nightmare skill, which can be used to increase damage for a time dealt to enemies knocked airborne. This skill also increases the length of time enemies are knocked in the air. Knocking more enemies airborne recharges this skill.
  • Captains are required to to be Lv.25 or above to participate.
  • The new ★4 stigma Theresa - Gluttony has been added to the Abyss Shop!
  • Limited Abyss Emblem: successfully rank up to the Myraid Abyss, Red Lotus Abyss, and Agony Abyss to receive the emblem.

Captains, ready for new challenges?[edit | edit source]