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Usurpers (4) (Icon).png ATK CRT Rarity
173 17 Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngGray Star (Icon).png
St. 7308 Labs crafted this close-quarter assault weapon using the Quantum Entanglement principle of Honkai particles. Vibration waves generated by the reacting Honkai particles will damage nearby enemies.
[SP: 15][CD: 15s] Generates infrasound waves that deal 236% ATK of Physical DMG to nearby enemies. Affected enemies are also weakened, reducing their ATK by 60% for 4.4s.
Light and Order
Increases Ranged Physical DMG by 24%, however, the further away an enemy is, the less Physical DMG it'll receive. Damage is decreased by 10% per meter (up to 80%). Character gains 8.6% Move Speed.
Obtained From

Upgrade Materials Required To Next Rarity

Required To Fully Upgrade
Frame (Purple).png
Honkai Cube (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Twin Sakura Will (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Phase Shifter (Icon).png