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Valkyries are powerful female warriors that are augmented with Honkai Energy and trained by the Schicksal. Due to Honkai's radiation, many valkyries have short lifespans and risk cascade. When Honkai radiation overwhelms a human, they will experience a radiation cascade mutating into an undead puppet controlled by the Will of Honkai. In order to increase adaptability, Valkyries seek to obtain a Stigmata.

Designed for Valkyries to be best equipped for battle, each have multiple Battlesuits. For example, some of Kiana's battlesuits are White Comet, Valkyrie Ranger, Divine Prayer, and the 4th Generation Godsbane armor Knight Moonbeam. Valkyries can also offer their bodies as hosts for heroic souls, which are called Awakenings. Kiana's most popular Awakened battlesuit is the Herrscher of the Void.

Other notable types of warriors are Knights Mantis

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Kiana Kaslana     Raiden Mei
Bronya Zaychik     Murata Himeko
Yae Sakura     Theresa Apocalypse
Fu Hua     Kallen Kaslana
Rita Rossweisse     Liliya Olenyeva
Rozaliya Olenyeva     Seele Vollerei